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Connect Telegram and Web Page (user and password)


Hi guys!!!!

I´m new in this platform.

I will like to hear from you and get some advice on the next 2 tasks:

Is it possible to get info in real time from this web page https://www.im.center/index.php that requires a user and password?
When I say real time I mean that when a user create a post be able to see it and work with it

In this link an example of the info I want to get:

Is it possible to get real time messages from telegram - https://www.telegram.org/ by using their bot - https://core.telegram.org/bots

Finally is it possible to send all this data to elastic search or to create a csv file with all this data in specific format?

If its possible can you give me a hand with links or tips on how to configure 80legs to get it done?

Finally on the image attach the login web and the info that I will like to get out of it.

Best regards
Alejandro Holguin M
[email protected]