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wow gold

Dear immortals, I need some inspiration to create <https://www.wowtot.com>

Crawler blocked

My crawlers are blocked for days and not start, how can I solve the problem?

crawl delete

Why can't create EightyApp and get status code 422 ?


I have crawl but app is delete so I get this type of error "Your account does not have a URL List by that name.,Your account does not have an EightyApp by that name." how can I solve this?

Question about # of URL's crawled

I set up a crawl of Max 10,000 URL's but only loaded a list of 1000 URL's, Depth of 1 and only internal links. Why does it show # of URL's crawled 8340 and crawl is still going?? Thanks

Crawls are not working!

Hello, I've been trying to crawl several websites, including ones I have already succeeded before, but nothing is happening. The crawl just stays on the status "STARTED" for days. Is there a problem that should be fixed soon ?

Crawls are failing to start

Since the weekend, my crawls are failing to start (stuck on 0) Is anyone else experiencing this?