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Crawls Immediately Being Complete - No Results

Hi Ben, I'm also seeing the issue mentioned in the other thread about crawls not working - start a crawl and it's immediately marked as complete. Tried to rerun but same thing. Thanks, Justin

Where do I go to download my results?

The web portal shows my run as "COMPLETED", but I cannot seem to find how to download the results. The /crawls page shows only two actions: "restart crawl" and "cancel crawl". When I click on the name of the crawl, it takes me to a page that shows the stats, but I do not see any download links here either. Please advise.

Won't Add App to Queue

After creating an app, upon pressing the 'Add to Queue' button, I get the error: 'Whoops! Whoops, this is an issue on our end.' I am using the free service and have the following options: Crawl Name educationTrends Depth Level 3 Crawl Size 10000 Crawl only internal links Page Content Text Content, Images, and PDFs selected Meta Information Page Title Thanks Joe

Connect Telegram and Web Page (user and password)

Hi guys!!!! I´m new in this platform. I will like to hear from you and get some advice on the next 2 tasks: Is it possible to get info in real time from this web page https://www.im.center/index.php that requires a user and password? When I say real time I mean that when a user create a post be able to see it and work with it In this link an example of the info I want to get: https://inflexioncomco-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/datos_inflexion_com_co/EYY5Z_zhnbdBqWs6pUh4OvkBq8-gREzyMR8H0iojHGkD3Q?e=3wX4ps Is it possible to get real time messages from telegram - https://www.telegram.org/ by using their bot - https://core.telegram.org/bots Finally is it possible to send all this data to elastic search or to create a csv file with all this data in specific format? If its possible can you give me a hand with links or tips on how to configure 80legs to get it done? Finally on the image attach the login web and the info that I will like to get out of it. Best regards Alejandro Holguin M [email protected]

Job Descriptions

Any advice on how best to crawl for Job Descriptions from sites such as Indeed or Linkedin by keyword? Is that possible with this tool?

reactivate acc

Please, reactivate my acc

api returning fullTextContent instead of fullPageContent

Hello, When I am crawling for the same URL, the crawl is sometimes returning the fullTextContent instead of the fullPageContent crawl ID: 3280311

Trying to get title tags

Hi, I've been trying to pull only title tag from various URLs. While this works for some URLs, for some I am getting empty result. An example of URL I can't get title tag for is https://www.ljhooker.com.au/ Thanks, Josip

Trying Demo in Tester results in Error

I'm trying to debug a 80Legs app using the tester at: http://80apptester.80legs.com/ and am getting the error `TypeError: EightyAppBase is not a constructor`. As a sanity check, I tried with a demo app from the github repo: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/datafiniti/EightyApps/master/apps/LinkCollector.js Using this demo I am receiving the same error. Is the Testing app not up to date with the spider runner? Scott

Crawl returning timeout error

Hello. Crawl id 3261670, returning timeout error on relatively big website page. The same type of website page, but smaller was crawled without errors.