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Crawler blocked

My crawlers are blocked for days and not start, how can I solve the problem?

crawl delete

Why can't create EightyApp and get status code 422 ?


I have crawl but app is delete so I get this type of error "Your account does not have a URL List by that name.,Your account does not have an EightyApp by that name." how can I solve this?

Question about # of URL's crawled

I set up a crawl of Max 10,000 URL's but only loaded a list of 1000 URL's, Depth of 1 and only internal links. Why does it show # of URL's crawled 8340 and crawl is still going?? Thanks

Crawls are not working!

Hello, I've been trying to crawl several websites, including ones I have already succeeded before, but nothing is happening. The crawl just stays on the status "STARTED" for days. Is there a problem that should be fixed soon ?

Crawls are failing to start

Since the weekend, my crawls are failing to start (stuck on 0) Is anyone else experiencing this?

HELP !!!

Hi, I'm trying the product and created a crawl with the following link: http://www.bing.es/search?q=Agile+Coach+en+Madrid&count=100&first=600 I also placed to extract emails and go 10 levels inside, but nothing happens (returns 0 and says completed). What am I doing wrong? You can check all the craws in my account and you'll see that none of them work.

Throttling requests?

Is it possible to throttle the request rate?

Not crawling every page

So I have found that when crawling some URL's it doesn't crawl all the pages? For example anderstore.com only returns 2 pages but there are many more. The crawl level is at 5. Also this URL www.sedgemoorfire.co.uk doesn't return any image links when on the default image crawler. Any ideas on how to fix this?

why am i getting error?

my dashboard says There has been an error No payment information on file. Visit the 80legs portal to reactive your account. and i cant add any urls to url list or execute any jobs.